Only 114,552 to go

Currently The Book only has about 100,000 or so competitors ahead of it on Amazon. Now, a real security book doesn’t aim for number 1. Instead, it shoots for a more appropriate number like 1,337 or, with luck, number 42.

Reaching a magic number like that pales in comparison to a real ratings hack described in Chapter 6: Logic Attacks.

If you’re still not sure if The Book is for you, check out the deluge of testimonials that have been trickling in:

“If you only read one book this year, pick up something by Stephen King or Iain Banks or Cormac McCarthy. If you only buy one book this year, get The Seven Deadliest Web Attacks and visit the library for everything else.” — Editor

“Once I finished the deadly sins I never thought something worse would come along. The Seven Deadliest Web Attacks surpassed my wildest imaginations.” — God

“SRSLY!” — Mohammed

“My best use of someone’s credit card was to purchase The 111 Deadliest Web Attacks for my girlfriend.” — noxman, Russian hacker

“I wouldn’t even trade noxman’s bank account for my autographed copy of The 7DWA.” — BlackTiger, Chinese hacker

“For sale. Che4p v1agra.” — anonymous spammer

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