Big in Japan

It’s not quite a Spinal Tap moment, but here’s a curious translation via Google. Here’s the text from the original article1: “Given the types of hacks that made the news in the last 12 months it’s not surprising that SQL Injection is high on the list,” Mike Shema, engineering lead for the Qualys Web application […]

Or Was it Sindarin?

I have a new article1 on Mashable regarding the importance of having https:// in front of the web sites you visit. I finished that article and its linguistic metaphor a few days before coming across an article2 on El Reg that describes research3 showing the feasibility of identifying language patterns over encrypted channels. One goal […]


DEFCON 18 is coming up from Friday July 30th to Sunday August 1st in Las Vegas. They always have cool badges so you should at least sign up just for that. If badges aren’t enough to whet your appetite, think about how much fun you might have learning about “Securing MMOs: A Security Professional’s View […]