The Fourth Year of the Fourth Edition

Today is the fourth anniversary of the fourth edition of Anti-Hacker Tool Kit. Technology changes quickly, but many of the underlying principles of security remain the same. The following is an excerpt from the introductory material. Welcome to the fourth edition of the Anti-Hacker Tool Kit. This is a book about the tools that hackers use to […]

Cybercroissant Podcast Episode

While I was at DevSecCon earlier this year I had a chance to record a podcast episode with Cybercroissant. You can find it on their site. During the conversation I brought up a parallel between magic tricks and hacking. That idea is perhaps better described in the introduction to my last book, which I’ve excerpted […]

Malware Is Software

My article on trends in malware has finally appeared on the Safari Books Online blog. Malware is a nasty threat to everyone, whether you’re trying to enrich Uranium with fancy centrifuges in Iran or enrich your bank account with fancy craft projects on Etsy. The really menacing examples are named like characters lifted from fan […]

Electric Skillet

Of John Brunner‘s novels, I recommend reading Stand on Zanzibar first; it’s a well-known classic. Follow that with The Sheep Look Up. If you’re interested in novelty, Squares of the City has the peculiar attribute of being written to the rules of a chess game (the book’s appendix maps each character’s role to its relevant piece). Two of […]

Carborundum Saw

It’s entertaining to come across references to computer security in fiction. Sometimes the reference may be grating, infused with hyperbole or laughably flawed. Sometimes it may seem surprisingly prescient, falling somewhere along a spectrum of precision and detail. Even more rewarding is to encounter such a quote within a good book. Few readers who venture […]