RSA US 2013, ASEC-F41 Slides

Here are the slides for my presentation, Using HTML5 WebSockets Securely, at this year’s RSA US conference in San Francisco. It’s a continuation of the content created for last year’s BlackHat and BayThreat presentations. RSA wants slides to be in a specific template. So, these slides are less visually stimulating than I usually have the […]

RSA Europe 2012, ASEC-303 Slides

Here are the slides for my presentation,┬áMitigating JavaScript Mistakes Using HTML5, at this year’s RSA Europe. The goal is to show that the move towards more complex web apps demands more complex JavaScript, which in turn creates more potential for security bugs. Yet rather than audit every line of deployed JavaScript, we can apply controls […]

RSA Presentation

Last week San Francisco hosted the RSA USA 2010 Conference. I gave a presentation with the buzzword-heavy title, “Does Web 2.0 Need Web Security 2.0?“. (The presentation was lamentably labeled Advanced, even though it didn’t touch on in-depth technical details.) The basic premise is that the term “web 2.0” as typically used bears little meaning […]