Watch the documentary, “The Rise of the Synths,” narrated by John Carpenter. Available to stream or buy on Amazon. Also streaming on Screambox and Now.

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vehlinggo logo Read the Vehlinggo blog for articles about synthwave, soundtracks, and a love of the movie Drive. It’s also where I discovered a ton of Italo Disco bands.
Beyond Synth logo Listen to the Beyond Synth podcast. Andy Last talks about all sorts of aspects of the retro synth scene with all sorts of guests. He plays lots of new tracks and his laugh is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.
Nightride FM logo Nightride FM has several channels of synthwave, awesome DJs, and one of the coolest interfaces ever.
The State of Synth logo The State of Synth show comes from Nightride FM.
Forged in Neon logo Forged in Neon blog carries reviews and interviews across the synthwave scene.
Absynth Logo They say it best: ABSYNTH is a new music journal and video podcast dedicated to progressive, cutting-edge and elevated sounds and visuals in synth pop, electropop, darkwave, post-punk, industrial, EBM, goth, synthwave, dark electro, dark synth, ambient and experimental music genres.