Minimum Safe Distance

What would a breach notification look like in the aftermath Aliens?

Weyland-Yutani takes the security of our systems and data seriously and we have implemented numerous safeguards to protect them.

When we learned of a nearby derelict, our investigation determined it was something for you to explore.

Because of our commitment to trust and transparency, we have worked diligently to make LV-426 important to

building better worlds

with you – our families at Hadley’s Hope.

We recorded this episode on April 26, which was fortuitous for a fan of 80s movies and horror. April 26 has been adopted as “Alien Day” to celebrate the Alien movie franchise. The date, as 4/26, is a nod to LV-426, the moon from Aliens. Weyland-Yutani established a terraforming colony, Hadley’s Hope, on that moon. Things didn’t turn out well for the colony and Ellen Ripley, now rescued from her escape shuttle long after the events on the Nostromo, has a pretty clear idea of what must have happened.

As a final note, if you check the bookshef in the background of the video, I have a copy of the Alien RPG propped up.

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