Schools of Magic

It’s the eighth day of the month and there’s an appsec journey in the number eight.

Like the rise of personal computing with the 8-bit Commodore 64.

Modern HTML requires character encoding with utf-8.

Chrome’s JavaScript engine is called v8.

Number 8 in the new OWASP Top Ten is about software and data integrity failures.

And an 8 on its side looks like infinity, which is about how long it’ll take for appsec to get that top ten down to zero.

The schools of magic is another nod to Dungeons & Dragons. The game defines eight schools, a number that fit nicely with the intro’s theme. I’ve always been partial to playing wizards. Two favorites over the last few years have been an illusionist and a necromancer. I plan to try a diviner next – the spells aren’t as uniformly combat-related like the classic evoker, but that just feels like a fun challenge and a chance for creativity.

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