Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

The Cure have a famous song about Friday, with the lyrics:

“Monday you can fall apart

Tuesday, Wednesday, break my heart

Thursday doesn’t even start

It’s Friday, I’m in love”

Which, honestly, sounds like someone messing up their git branch,

Trying to resolve merge conflicts in a rebase gone wrong,

Dealing with a force push to the wrong branch,

Then finally just deleting it all and starting with a new git clone.

In December 2022 The Cure re-released a documentary of their 1991 tour, Play Out. It comes 30 years after Wish, the album that included “Friday I’m in Love.”

Instead of an interview segment for this episode, John and I talked about resources and tools for learning appsec. It’s an extension of a previous webcast on “DIY: Building a Security Lab at Home.”

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