Void Stars

Do you enjoy battling threats with weird names?

Manipulating characters and classes?

Handling polymorphic types and void stars?

Appsec is the right place for you.

But if you want all that plus rolling dice – check out the Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer update. It comes out tomorrow.

Sure, C programmers are familiar with void *, but the far more exciting version of a void star is in the D&D Spelljammer setting. It’s a setting rife with giant space hamsters (yes, these are canonical creatures), mind flayers, and other bizarre creatures.

Speaking of mind flayers, I’d far prefer to replace the phrase, “…hit by a bus” with “…brain eaten by a mind flayer” to convey the danger of not writing down the institutional knowledge carried in the minds of appsec and devops folks.

Plus, the news segment has my absolute favorite thumbnail image.


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