In a world where CVEs are documented and every bug has a bounty,

A DevOps team will test in prod –

And awaken an ancient evil.

Coming this Halloween: Hell-LVM

The compiler has given its last warning.

A developer carelessly passes the -fsatanize=address flag to clang, turning the compiler into a demon who seeks vengeance on all who ever fed it bad code.

In the news segment we covered the Twitter whistleblower report, which I summarized in limerick form:

A hacker named Mudge blew the whistle

Causing Twitter execs to bristle

He said they were lacking

Protection from hacking

And they replied, “Here’s your dismissal.”

And a backup version that I also liked:

In the 90s some hackers from l0pht

Warned Congress that networks were too soft

Now two decades later

The risk is much greater

And apparently Twitter just scoffed

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