Pure Energy

Welcome back to the New Wave / Post-Punk Security Hour.

Where we’re listening for appsec lessons in electronic sessions.

This time, from Information Society’s, “What’s on Your Mind,” which begins:

“I wanna know

What you’re thinking

There are some things you can’t hide”

Which hits the needs for explainability in AI and transparency in its training data.

But, there’s also a lesson for me,

As the lyrics include:

“Here I am in silence

Looking ‘round without a clue”

We covered a lot of articles on AI code generation and chat issues in the news segment. Here’s the article about AlphaCode that I mentioned. It’s a competing system to OpenAI’s Codex.

This was the last episode of 2022! Thank you for listening. We’ll be back on January 2, 2023 for a whole new year of appsec, New Wave, synthwave, and more.

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