Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

Since today is the 13th, add “The Thirteenth Floor” to your list of cybersecurity movies.

It came out the same year as “The Matrix” and both deal with simulations as a stylish menace, born from green fonts on a black screen.

“The Thirteenth Floor” was even based on a sci-fi novel from the 60s, which posited the use of Simulectronics for marketing research.

Of course, neither captured the reality of virtual reality like the Metaverse.

After all, the movies embellished things like dying while connected and avatars having legs.

I like how the OWASP ASVS organizes steps devs can take to create secure apps. I find it far more useful than the OWASP Top 10. So I enjoyed this chance to talk with one of the project’s leads and learn how they emphasize outreach to devs.

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