Acceleration Security Weekly

You’re listening to radio KASW. That was “Overdrive” by Lazerhawk.

Time for the morning traffic report.

Vulns are backed up on the CVE expressway, as it just passed 200,000 records last week.

Major delays at the intersection of CI and CD due to an overturned truck carrying a bunch of CVSS scores. They’re all under 3.9, however traffic is still blocked by an appsec team checking out the scene.

There’s major construction down at the Infrastructure as Code, but once you’re past the onramp traffic is moving quickly.

It’s stop-and-go along C street due to memory safety activity. But they’re opening up new lanes so it’ll be rust-and-go pretty soon.

No delays on I-239. So shift gears and hit that pedal on the right.

This was one of my favorite openings and one of the easiest to write once I had the idea. I’ve riffed on the New Wave / Post-Punk Security Hour several times in the past and this was a chance to revisit that radio idea without being repetitive.

The title track and “Overdrive” from Lazerhawk’s album “Redline” were one of my first discoveries of synthwave and outrun. It was a new sound that immediately hooked me and pulled me into a universe of new, amazing music.

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