Haunting Languages

Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

Welcome to October, when tales of terror become timely and horror marks our days to Halloween.

We humans have so many ways to express fear,

From the simple horror of C to the supernatural horror of C++,

From serialized creatures with features like Java and Kotlin,

Or brain-eating zombies, like Perl.

We have psychological horror, like JavaScript integers,

And horror plus comedy, like Perl.

We have ghosts and thrillers like Go and Rust,

But however they promise us safety,

Or type checking that’s weak or strong,

They all, every one, begin with that simple phrase that haunts us for so long,

“Hello, World”

This was our second deep dive into crafting presentations and talking about communication skills. We talked with Josh Goldberg on this back in episode 251.

We last spoke with Lina back in episode 230.

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