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What if appsec wrote aviation safety scripts?

Welcome to flight ASW 283.

The captain has turned on the password strength sign, which means that your password must meet an annoying list of requirements as this flight is not equipped for passkeys.

There are several emergency exits on this aircraft.

Take a moment to locate the exit nearest you, keeping in mind that the default choice is probably insecure.

If there is a loss of cabin pressure, memory safety masks will drop down. To start the flow of code, pull the mask towards you.

To tighten the fit, address all the web app vulns that have nothing to do with unsafe memory.

In the unlikely event of a water landing, check beneath your seat for a top 10 list of aquatic dangers.

Thank you.

And please use caution when opening overhead dependencies, as contents may have shifted maintainers.

This is the second time I’ve imagined an appsec aviation script. The first time was back in episode 228.

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