Underlying Capabilities

Ah, my first time hosting. The intro is barely three sentences and barely engaging. How far we’ve come. But it does have one small artifact that I’ve preserved through all of the following intros. The teaser for the news segment always ends with a change in intonation and the promise of…

– and more.

I’ve also changed around the camera setup and computer. I enjoyed lurking behind my laptop with its prominent D&D sticker and, later on, a DNA Lounge sticker. Alas, the screen size and CPU weren’t conducive to improving the quality of show. I’ve since upgrade to an M1 iMac.

Keith Hoodlet started the podcast at episode 0 and was the main host up through 55. He still drops in on the Security Weekly family, including ASW episodes 200 and 224. Check out his blog at securing.dev.

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