I’ve emerged from the gloomy dungeon of C++ and book writing long enough to venture into the gloomy dungeon of the DNA Lounge for B-Sides San Francisco. It’s the perfect venue to talk about the building blocks of web apps: the twin strands of JavaScript and HTML5.

As noted at the end of my talk, I remained true to form and finished the slides only about an hour before the presentation began. (A delay compounded by the negative effects of a brain-oozing cold. If an undead plague starts in SF, you can thank me for being patient zero – we’ll see whether my reanimation goes the route of Romero or Boyle.)

Anyway, now you can view the slides here. As always, they lack context, subtext, and outright text without the benefit of narration. I’ll expand on them in follow-up posts over the coming month. That is, once I finish the slides for another presentation this Friday.