Here are the slides for my presentation at this year’s RVAsec, JavaScript Security & HTML5. Thanks to all who attended!

RVAsec, held in Richmond, VA, is a relatively new conference. But one complete with hardware badges, capture the flag, and pizza and donuts for breakfast. So, yeah, mark your calendar for next year; it’s a worthwhile trip.

This was an iteration on the web security topics I’ve been focused on for the last several months, so you’ll notice many familiar concepts from previous presentations. (And some more emphasis on privacy, which shouldn’t be forgotten on the modern web.) A great thing about being able to talk on these subjects is that it gives me a chance to improve the content based on feedback and questions, and adjust the flow to keep it engaging. Now I’m at the point where I have enough material to take off on new tangents and build new content – it’ll be a busy summer.