Hacker Halted 2013 Badge

What a joy to visit Atlanta twice in one month! First DragonCon, now Hacker Halted. I operated on about the same amount of sleep for both events, but at least at HH I only waited once for an elevator at the Hilton.

And once again I’ll be leaving this great city with sci-fi goodies. This time around it’s a Star Trek USB drive that Hacker Halted kindly handed out to their speakers.

This is likely the final time I’ll present the JavaScript & HTML5 Security slide deck that I’ve been tweaking over the past year. (Although there’s plenty of material to translate into posts and interactive examples once some elusive free time appears.) It’s time to focus on different aspects of those technologies and different topics altogether. For example, I’ve recently been revisiting CSRF with an eye towards proposing new mechanisms to defeat it.

Next up is putting together CSRF lab content for HITB Malaysia this October. And, of course, making hotel reservations for a return to Atlanta – DragonCon 2014 awaits!