Writing show intros provides a brief and enjoyable creative outlet. I have yet to present a haiku, although I have dipped into limericks – of which I have several more drafts in the queue. In one October episode I reimagined a stanza from The Raven.

And now I have a few experiments with haikus.

That popular web app security list
Ten plagues on software OWASP documents them all Bug bounties prosper
A vuln disclosure CVSS rating high Maybe I’ll fix it
Hype or critical...
A vuln disclosure CVSS version 3 Uncalculated
Reading someone else's code
Code review begins Visions of apocalypse A plus one appears
Git. When things go right.
Merge request is sent Git undertakes a commit A branch perseveres
Git. A three-letter command for producing four-letter words.
Git rebase push pull Force reset now detached head The branch defeats us
lol lmao seriously so much lol and a little fraud
Inspiring problems Decentralized solutions Ends in vaporware