Rust Turns Eight

Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

After decades of buffers that bust

Appsec wants secure code it can trust

No more pointers to track

Or a double-free hack

So let’s wish happy birthday to Rust

Rust began at Mozilla, with its first v0.1 release on January 20, 2012. It finally reached version 1.0 on May 15, 2015. As an aside, that first release did include an important warning

It’s nifty, but it will still eat your laundry.

It’s now grown into a language that’s made inroads into the Linux Kernel, Android, and Windows. All strong indicators of a successful language that’s done the right things to make the developer experience a positive one – strong tooling support, info-rich debugging, and high performance. All while providing memory safety.

Plus, you can even learn and experiment with it right from the browser thanks to its ability to compile into WebAssembly.

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