World Goth Day

Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

And to the Post-Punks, the New Romantics, the Rivetheads, the lovers of New Wave, the dancers to Darkwave, and everyone who sways under the bat-emblazoned umbrella of Goth.

Because today is World Goth Day.

So whether you’re reading CVEs or securing CI/CDs, play some Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Write some code to The Cure.

Triage some bounties to Bauhaus.

And find that New Wave / Post-Punk sound.

I still haven’t mentioned Sisters of Mercy in any intro, but make sure to keep them in your music rotation.

During the discussions we also got some unofficial appsec in three words ideas from John:

  • Tell me more
  • Best of luck

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