Leaving 8 Bits Behind

Hello Protocols, Packets, and Programs,

Today we leave 8 bits behind as we max out some powers of two to bring you an episode, unsigned –

At number 255.

In binary, that’s eight ones.

In hexadecimal, that’s two Fs –

Which is two more Fs than we have to give to cliches like, “Humans are the weakest link,” crypto that isn’t cryptography, or 32-page hardening guides.

I hope you’ve enjoyed every bit of my intros, they come from an 8-bit heart wanting to see our 64-bit present avoid the 2-bit security that has plagued appsec for more than 20 years.

So, help us take a byte out of insecure apps and see what the power of two hosts can do with interviews and news about the flaws we find in software.

It’s wild to look back at how many of these we’ve done. The last show number I celebrated was episode 200. And that’s quite distant from when I started hosting with episode 56.

The style of intros is just one of the things I’ve improved over all this time. We have more focused interviews and the news segments have more underlying themes to tie the articles together. But even so, there’s still a lot of opportunity to continue improving and making the show as educational and entertaining as possible. Stick around for more!

Oh, and in this episode we once again ventured into Top 10 lists. I still find them to be too vague and too disorganized for effective appsec education. We talked more about that in episode 242 and you can read more of my thoughts on it in this post.

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